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Нижний Тагил, проспект Мира, 58
+7 3435 43-28-28

Nizhny Tagil Construction College

Today, the State Autonomous Professional Educational Institution "Nizhny Tagil Construction College" is a multifunctional and multilevel institution that is, conducts studies in 10 specialties. The college operates a basic level of secondary vocational education.

 There are three educational buildings, in the college more than 70 classrooms, laboratories, workshops for all specialties.

 There is a local computer network that unites ten computer classes and administrative departments of the college, that makes it possible to use a common information environment.

Sports activities are held in the gym and playground,  has an area of 950 square meters.

 The college has a modern library, an assembly hall video room, a medical office, a buffet and a canteen, there is Wi-Fi is in educational buildings.

Non-resident students are provided with a comfortable hostel located in 100 meters from the educational buildings.

The license to conduct educational activities 66L01 № 00004239 № 17827 August 24, 2015.

Certificate of State Accreditation 66А04 № 0000197 registration № 8656 August 4, 2015.

The history of the college is a 70-year history of stability and success.

Our specialties:

      23.01.03 Car mechanic
      08.02.01 Construction and maintenance of buildings and structures
      13.02.11 Maintenance of electrical and electromechanical equipment
      35.02.12 Landscape design
      23.02.04 Maintenance of lifting, construction and road machinery and equipment
      21.02.05 Land and property relations
      54.02.01Design in construction
      09.02.04 Information systems
      46.02.01 Document management support and archival studies

Studies is  full-time and part-time basis.

Full-time studies is free.